About us

Dear Sauna Fans,

We look forward to keeping you up to date on everything concerning the Dragon Sauna through this, our new website.

After 20 years as Hamburg´s leading sauna, we are continuing with some changes. You may have already noticed that new management has brought with it a new approach, together with improvements. Here on this site and on Facebook we will of course keep you posted. What has not changed though is our intention to remain the best-loved gay sauna in northern Germany.

Right in the middle of St George, Hamburg’s main gay neighbourhood, we are just a four-minute walk from the main train station. Scroll down this page to have a look at our wellness offerings and you will see why a visit to the Dragon is always a good idea.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

The Dragon Sauna Team



on Aug.

Monday, 26th August 2019, open from 1 pm to 12 am

HHero for a day

Every last Monday a month it’s time for charity again. We donate 3 euros to the Hamburg gay charity organization Hein & Fiete on this day. And like every Monday there is our free pasta buffet between 7 pm and 9 pm.


on Sep.

Friday, 06th September 2019, Nonstop from Fri 1 pm to Sun 12 am


Brand new! Always on the first Friday of the month: BIG, BIGGER, BEAR. Sauna fun for bears and their lovers.



On Mondays open from 1 pm to 12 am

Dragon goes Italian

A French kiss? What would you say to an Italian? Between 19:00 and 21:00 on Mondays it’s all the pasta you can eat and it’s on us.

On Tuesdays open from 1 pm to 12 am

Singles Day

No point in staying home alone on Tuesdays! Because that’s when singles, and those who wish they were, pay a mere 15 euros for a locker.

On Wednesdays open from 1 pm to 12 am


It’s good to be forty or over because as a „40up“ you get a discount on entry on Wednesdays. Instead of 20 euros, pay just 15 , including locker. And, of course, every Wednesday from 7 pm to 9 pm you can enjoy an „Aufguss“ (Finnish sauna ritual) with Andy & Torsten. More about „Aufguss“ ritual on: www.aufgussteam.de

On Thursdays open from 1 pm to 12 am

Mixed Day

Today, as every Thursday, sexual diversity is on the menu – gender and sexual preferences don’t matter. Whether gay, straight, bisexual, transgender or … . Everybody is welcome.

On Fridays Nonstop from Fri 1 pm to Sun 12 am

Partner Day

On Fridays bring a friend, a neighbor or even a stranger and you pay only 30 euros for two lockers.

On Saturdays Nonstop from Fri 1 pm to Sun 12 am

Weekend nonstop

Whether you want to warm up before going out, cool down afterwards or just spend the whole weekend with us, you will find the Dragon Sauna open nonstop from Friday afternoon to Sunday midnight.

On Sundays Nonstop from Fri 1 pm to Sun 12 am

Wellness Day with Andy & Torsten

Missed your chance on Saturday? Then make up for it on our Wellness Sunday, because that’s when Hamburg’s finest meet to enjoy our Finnish sauna and more. Andy and Torsten will heat you up with their hourly “Aufgüssen“ (steam ritual) between 4 pm and 8 pm. More about „Aufguss“ ritual on: www.aufgussteam.de


1800 m2 on two floors for fun and relaxation.

Explore our Finnish sauna, caldarium, steamroom with labyrinth and whirlpool. If you are hungry or thirsty, stop by the bar and restaurant, where a wide of range of food and drink is on offer. What is more, we have an enclosed smoking lounge and numerous areas for resting, playing and cruising.


Click on one of the days below for information on prices and special offers.

Extras: sandals: 2,00 €, additional towel: 1,00 €, additional towel XXL: 2,00 €

We accept:

New! Our 10-visit Card.

With the 10-visit card you save 40 euros off the normal 20-euro price for a locker.*

For just 160 euros you can come to the Dragon Sauna ten times at a reduced price.

The 10-visit card can be purchased at the front desk.

For more information, feel free to ask there.

* Keep in mind that a visit may cost less on some days if you take advantage of our other special offers ("Youngsters", "40up", Sunday to Friday after 10 pm, and „Singles Day“ on Tuesdays). See additional price information in the price overview above.

Food & Drink

For us nothing but the best is good enough.

We use only the best products and ingredients.Everything we serve is either prepared fresh on site or supplied by the Block House Group, Baker & Baker, Pfalzgraf Konditorei and others guaranteeing the highest quality.


New! Massage&Go

If you would like to enjoy one of our popular massages without using any of the sauna facilities, now you can. You only pay for the massage, without a sauna visit. To avoid having to wait, call ahead to make an appointment:

You can reach us on the following telephone number:


  • Partial body massage

  • 31,00
  • 30 minutes

  • Full body massage

  • 51,00
  • 60 minutes

  • Full body massage

  • 75,00
  • 90 minutes

Given the strong demand for massage, particulary for „Massage &Go“, you should call the following number to make an appointment: +49 (0) 40 24 05 14

Looking for a gift to give?

We now offer massage vouchers. The perfect gift for a good friend, someone special or anybody else you want to enjoy the benefits of relaxation and wellness.

Vouchers for 30-minute or 60-minute massages are available at the prices indicated above from the front desk.

Who works when

Michael: 15:00 - 22:00
Marcus: 15:00 - 22:00

U-Yai: 15:00 - 22:00
Michael: 15:00 - 22:00

U-Yai: 15:00 - 22:00
Louis: 15:00 - 22:00
Björn: 15:00 - 22:00

Marcus: 15:00 - 22:00
Louis: 15:00 - 22:00
Marcus: 15:00 - 22:00
U-Yai: 15:00 - 22:00
Gustavo: 15:00 - 22:00

Björn: 15:00 - 22:00
U-Yai: 15:00 - 22:00

Gustavo: 15:00 - 22:00
Björn: 15:00 - 22:00

Björn: 15:00 - 22:00
U-Yai: 15:00 - 22:00

U-Yai: 15:00 - 22:00
Louis: 15:00 - 22:00
Björn: 15:00 - 22:00

Louis: 15:00 - 22:00
U-Yai: 15:00 - 22:00
Louis: 15:00 - 22:00
Gustavo: 15:00 - 22:00


Nothing, we have it all.
For example: one towel included in entry price; shower gel, hair gel and body lotion, all for free; and slippers to rent for two Euros.
We are a gay sauna and any man who is comfortable in that environment is welcome.
Thursdays are “mixed days“; sexual identity plays no role. Everyone is welcome. Except those under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Der Entry price is good for 10 hours. After that you can pay for another 10 hours or you can pay by the hour.
Yes, we have a smokers lounge.
Free Wi-Fi is available in the bar and restaurant area. The use of mobile phones is not permitted outside this area. If you prefer to leave your phone in your locker, just use one of our computers for internet surfing free of charge.
No, that is forbidden in the interest of our clients’ privacy.
No, everything you order will be recorded and charged to your locker/cabin number. And you will pay the total due when you leave the sauna.
One of our team members checks the quality of the water three times a day. In addition, an independent water sanitation laboratory tests the water monthly and gives the results to the Hamburg Health Department.
Yes, there are cabins available free of charge for everyone. We also have private single and double cabins to rent for the duration of your stay in the sauna.
An anal douche is available to all; individual inserts for private use can be purchased at the front desk.
We offer our guests free parking in the inner courtyard.

Opening times, Address & Contact



Opening times

  • Monday - Thursday
    open from 1 pm to 12 am


    Open nonstop on weekends from
    Friday 1 pm to Sunday 12 am

Send us an e-mail.

Questions? Suggestions? Complaints? Compliments? Let us hear from you by e-mail.

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